'Travel-Yug' is a sightseeing tour agency specializing in Southern Russia tours. Personal approach and client comfort require thorough seat planning and good sitting arrangement, especially for long trips.

Tour buses may differ from each other depending on the trip distance, so we had to work out the variability in the number of seats, their location depending on the type of vehicle and other transfigurations.


  • Develop a bus seating map designer.


  • Web development
Первый этап

Step one was to develop the designer for each bus type: the vehicle may not always have only one floor, so we have developed an option that allows the administrator to select the number of floors of the bus.

Второй этап

Step two was making an option that allows the administrator to select the number of seats: they can add or remove both horizontal and vertical rows at their discretion.

Третий этап

Step three was division of the seats according to their type: passenger seats, driver seats, seats for the staff and the aisle. At the request of the client, we have added text description for each type of the seats.

We have also created the following feature for user mode: when a customer reserves a seat, they will see the price charged for the selected seat.

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