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Our gratitude to DigitalWand agency for fruitful and high-quality work on creating an online store for our MaskShop project. Initially, we came to the support and refinement of the store on the template, but after several months we realized that such work would not bring the desired result and decided to create a site from scratch.

I would like to express special gratitude to the formed project team in the person of project manager Pavel and developer Evgeny. They were maximally immersed in the project, so many technically complex issues were resolved quickly and efficiently, without too much discussion and bureaucracy.

What we did like:

• clear and well-structured communications system;

• quick response to our questions and reasoned answers;

• attracting full-time specialists of any level, depending on the complexity of the tasks.

What we did not like:

• periodic rotation of specialists as part of the work on the project.

In general, we are satisfied and will continue to cooperate. We recommend the agency to those who do not have full-time developers, layout designers and other specialized specialists. Who wants to work out their product in detail and save time and nerves.

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As a result, we are very pleased with the work with your company. At the very beginning, there were difficult moments that affected the timing, but much could be imposed here - both the change of contact person on our part, and the delay in approval by the direct client, which they then ignored when they demanded to meet the originally agreed deadlines. But your team has made every effort to ensure that this delay is minimized, including working on the weekend. Therefore, of course, we are very grateful to them for such a high motivation and understanding of the situation.

Communication with your specialists was very comfortable, both with the manager and with technical specialists, they answered me all questions promptly and explained how to manage the site and database on my own in the absence of cms.

I personally worked with different services of those. support and web studios, including myself was an employee, so I definitely have something to compare with, and I can say that you have very competent and customer-oriented employees, which is encountered in this area, in fact, not so often .

Separately, I want to note that I was pleased with the adequate price tag, at least at our Moscow rates.

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Thanks to DigitalWand for the work done.

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