Mask Shop

Mask Shop is an online store of Korean cosmetics in Moscow with a care line, cosmetics for special purposes, as well as a decorative line. offers its customers high-quality cosmetics only from Korean manufacturers.


  • Full redesign of the site, layout, integration of layout, optimization of existing code to improve performance, development of related and new functionality.


  • Web development
  • Design

Time is rapidly running forward and sometimes you want to be one step (or better, a few steps) ahead of it. Sites lose their relevance and novelty over time, so clients come to us from time to time and ask to update the design and functionality of their sites.

This time a client came to us and asked to completely redo the entire appearance of the site, making it not only visually more attractive and modern, but also more convenient. But for the site to become even more convenient, it must be fast: we have optimized the existing code for speed. One click - and you do not need to wait any longer!

Before redesign
After redesign

Shopping should be done as quickly and simply as possible, so we had to work hard on the appearance of the basket and its “content”. Actually, we started the transformation from it, completely redesigning its external and internal appearance, as the old basket did not meet the client's needs at all.

The client wanted 2 visual and technical elements to be combined in the basket design immediately: on the left side there was a block “placing an order with delivery”, and on the right side there was a “user registration” (logging).

In Bitrix, this technology is rarely used, so this approach was quite fresh, and in use this technology turned out to be as convenient as possible.

We also made up all the pages and optimized the existing code to improve page performance.

Before the client contacted DigitalWand, he had extremely negative experience working with developers on freelance, so he wanted stability and quality. The result of the work speaks for itself.

Thank you for your trust and for choosing us to work on your project. It was a great pleasure and experience to work with you.

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