The Gotek group of companies is one of the largest companies in the packaging industry in Russia, engaged in the design and production of various types of packaging: corrugated and flat cardboard, molded paper pulp and flexible packaging materials.

Gotek was represented by the Human code agency, which developed their positioning, brand strategy and corporate identity.


  • Create an advertising landing page on CMS Bitrix and develop a design for it.


  • Web development
  • HTML/CSS coding
  • Design

Stages of work:

  • Design development;
  • Layout (one of the important tasks is to add 3D packaging models);
  • Integration of layout, programming;
  • Transfer to the client's site.

Initially, Human Code and Gotek approached DigitalWand to develop a landing page. However, upon completion of the work, we can confidently say that we have developed a website that tells about Gotek's unique approach along the entire packaging development chain, contains several pages, animation and the ability to view the developed packaging (thanks to the introduction of 3D models).


At the first stage, preparation for defining the concept of a new site design was intensively launched, according to the existing brand book: together with the customer, we selected sites, the visual part of which was liked by the client. Among the special requests were:

  • take into account the conservatism of the industry and decision makers;
  • to focus on the texts and descriptions of the packages: it was very important to fit the cards with the texts entirely on the element;
  • observe colors and styles in accordance with the company's brand book;

The most difficult stage on the project is the HTML/CSS coding

We had to add 3D objects to the site, but so that the loading of the site did not suffer. The task seems to be simple, but the customer had a limited budget and time, so we had to be sophisticated to find the best way.


However, at the next stage, a problem arose that surpassed the previous one in scale. When the layout was completed, the customer set a new task - to add animation to the entire site.

The difficulty is that the animation was not originally foreseen by the design, and we already had neither the time nor the resources to redo everything from scratch. However, our layout designer saved the day - in just 16 hours he added animation to the entire site without layouts.

Integration with CMS Bitrix. At the programming stage, the developer added the ability to administer the site through the CMS Bitrix admin panel. We set up the feedback forms in such a way that the Customer could independently analyze the work of the site and know exactly which form the application came from.

It is important that the developers initially added the ability to administer the site. The Customer can change almost all the information on his own without contacting technical specialists. Maximum convenience!

The site is adapted for different screen resolutions, so that information is displayed correctly on different devices.

Every detail of the site is useful. For example, if we consider each of the five stages of the life of a package, we will see additional blocks under each of them with services that will be provided to you at each stage.

We would like to thank the Human Code agency and the Gotek group of companies for their trust in us!

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