“Dinozavrik” is a large chain of retail stores and one of the largest online pet stores in the Moscow region. The store tries to provide the clients with the highest quality of service and at attractive prices. All the Dinozavrik pet stores are hypermarkets with a wide range of products for animals, but the store also has a veterinary pharmacy, as well as veterinary specialist service.


  • Perform integration with 1C Bitrix, improvements, technical support of the site.


  • Web development

Layout and integration of the “Catalog” block were performed.

Performed integration with

New product categories added to the website, as well as a number of new filters (for example, for veterinary cat food).

We also added the option of global selection of the city to the website and performed its integration.

Many other small improvements were made, such as editing the relevant sections, creating additional functionality in the user's personal account, work on the reference blocks, etc.

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