Russian digital market guide

Russian Digital Market Guide is the first promotional merchandize from DigitalWand.

Together with Tagline and 60 best digital agencies in Russia, we made a guidebook on national digital market to help one find an agency for creation or development of websites and applications or for business promotion online.

The collection includes more than 60 of Tagline’s best digital agencies presented in 3 categories: design, development and marketing. Each card gives a short presentation of the company with a brief description and workplace photos. The agencies skills are assessed in 4 categories: price, design, development and marketing. Therefore, it would be easy to find a contractor for design, development or promotion: one would just have to choose one or more cards from the pack, get acquainted with the service and start working with the chosen agency! All cards are inside our branded box.


  • Create a promotional product and conduct an advertising campaign to unite DigitalWand with best national digital agencies and raise brand awareness.


  • Design

Step one: concept development. Setting of objectives, deadlines, PR-strategy and schedule.

2Tagline’s rating chosen as the chief criterion that identified 3 areas of interest: design, development and performance.
3Next step was concept development. Presentation cards design. Collegial selection of justified information to be displayed on the cards. Resolving the issue of collecting information from the agencies.

Design development: box made in a minimalistic DigitalWand style, general design of cards and their internal division into 3 categories: design (20 cards with a green stripe), development (20 cards with a blue stripe) and performance agencies (20 cards with a yellow stripe).


Establishing communication with 60 agencies, requesting, processing and listing the information.


Making agreements: enlisting the support of Tagline, placing Tagline logo on the box and agreeing on a long-term cooperation - distribution of our promotional products with the help of Tagline at their personal and partner events.

Approval of cards with the agencies
Information check for each card on the finished design
Production of finished merchandize in the printing office
Transportation to the Tagline ceremony venue
Distribution at the event

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