Actionteaser is a multi-format pay-per-click advertising network. Teaser networks are one of the best ways to advertise products. As for webmasters, the main purpose of placing teasers on their resources is to monetize traffic and generate income through the websites. High CTR in Actionteaser give the webmaster the opportunity to make earnings and reduce the cost of a click to the advertiser.


  • Make various back-end improvements, create additional functionality for the administrative area and the client side, as well as provide technical support for the website.


  • Web development

The client came to us with a number of tasks, many of which were related to the completion of the back-end. We made small changes to the layout of pages, tickets, improved website navigation, eliminated bugs in the code.

To attract potential customers to the website, we have made some changes to the SEO. More potential customers means more robots: the website needs to be protected from unwanted bots, so we added a captcha.

Actionteaser has introduced push notifications as a new progressive format of advertising, which we have implemented as a new type of statistics for the webmaster. We have also added an integration layout of the topic pages.

In the “For Advertisers” block we performed the integration of layout and logic.

We have developed a news showcase and ways to displaying it.

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